WiseWays Herbals' vision since 1988 has been to create quality herbal products from the vitality of the nourishing Earth to sustain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

WiseWays Herbals, a woman owned & operated company, has been creating unique herbal formulations for over 30 years. Owner Mariam Massaro, experienced in herbology & midwifery and cofounder of Blazing Star Herbal School, made her very first product in her farmhouse kitchen in the hills of Western Massachusetts in 1988.


Since then, we now have over 80 natural bath, body & facial care products that we can't help but love. Not just because we make them... but because we use them too! And that's why we think you'll feel the same way we do about our products.

WiseWays Herbals Front Door Natural, hand made salves, oils, bath crystals and many other products, all specially formulated to be gentle & soothing. We use only naturally grown herbs & the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. Cocoa butter, beeswax, olive & coconut oils... nothing but the good stuff here! Our powders are talc-free and made with NON-GMO cornstarch. Our soaps are hand crafted in small batches.

We take pride in the products we make. We believe in the benefits of the ingredients we put in them. And we encourage you to learn about the ingredients in the products you are buying. Today, information is at your fingertips. Learning how to use natural and indigenous herbs is necessary. Find out what they are traditionally used for. This will allow you to make better, more informed decisions when choosing what you put on your body. We do. And that's why we keep making the products we love. Try them.... we're sure you'll love them too!.

Looking for vegan products? We've got plenty for you too ~ And our Oshuna Pure Skin Care line includes everything you need for happy, beautiful skin.

Wishing you health and happiness,
All of us at WiseWays Herbals