Detox Bath Crystals 16 oz

Detox Bath Crystals 16 oz

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(Our Best Selling Bath)
The ocean, mineral baths and hot springs have been used for centuries worldwide. In spas and healing centers today, the use of water therapy is popular once again. 

Detox Bath is a unique blend of natural minerals with Dead Sea Salts and herbs created to assist the body in achieving balance.

Detox Bath enables other natural therapies to work with greater effectiveness.

Caution: DETOX may cause dizziness, is not advised during pregnancy, for children under the age of ten, or if you have a heart condition.

Contains: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Borax, Dead Sea Salt, Chaparral, Chlorophyll, Yarrow Flower & Malachite Gem Essence.

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